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Manitoba Civil Law Update Service

Civil Fax:

  • Reduces your time to keep up-to-date. Civil Fax concisely summarizes the issues of written civil decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada and the Manitoba Court of Appeal and Queen's Bench (including masters' decisions). Each issue is restricted to a maximum of ten pages. Sample newsletters in Adobe PDF format (Adobe Reader required) and HTML (Web Page) format are available for your viewing.

  • Is low cost. For no more than $65 per year, (by e-mail), you can receive a year's subscription to Civil Fax after your free trial subscription is over.

  • Focuses on your practice. Receive only cases on the topics that are of interest to you. Click here for available topics and pricing. Please call (855) 992-4700, extension 103 if you want additional customization.

  • Makes better use of full-text services. If you use CANLII, Quicklaw or the Manitoba Bar Association full-text service, you can use Civil Fax to rapidly focus on those cases that are of interest to you.

Civil Fax has been published monthly since May 1998.

Please fill out the linked subscription form for your Civil Fax subscription.